How to place an order

Please contact me directly if you are interested to place an order. There are currently 2 options available. If you are living in Cyprus, you can contact me directly to arrange for delivery of your item with Akis express. If you live in the EU, orders can be placed via the Etsy store.

About our products

Most designs are "one of a kind" which means that only one pair has been created due to the type of paper used. Some however can be replicated, however they will not be 100% the same in terms of the design and colors.


If you are interested in any of the items currently listed as sold in these collections please get in touch and I will let you know if they can be recreated. All items have a small description on them and you will also be able to see which ones are currently in stock and available to ship immediately.

Please note that as all these items are handcrafted, the end product may vary slightly from the sample shown on the website. All earrings are thoroughly checked prior to shipping.

Learn more about each collection on our Blog and Facebook page.

I look forward to hearing which pair is your favorite :)


Shipping across Cyprus is now available! All packages can be sent via Akis Express across the island at a small additional charge. Please get in touch to make your order.

Rest of the World

Orders within the EU can now be placed via our Etsy Store!

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